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Computer Games Developer

My name is Bradley Graham, and I am a computer games developer. I graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with an Upper Second Class Honours degree (2:1) in Computer Games Technology. I'm excited to be developing games outside of university and I can't wait to get out there and work with others on their projects too. Below are some of the projects I've worked on in and out of university, most of which I made working alone. I am very proud of my works and I hope you enjoy the demos I have provided through the download links!

Skies of Fire

Download Here (Google Drive)

Skies of Fire is a group project I worked on as a Level Designer as my main focus in the team. Out of all the group projects at the time, it was by far the most ambitious game in terms of the idea; an open-world game focused on combat and exploration, requiring a lot of large and interesting areas. The game that takes place above the sky, where homes are built on mountains and the player uses an airship to travel between these mountain-based islands.

I mainly built the world, as well as helping with a small part of the coding and path-finding on the AI. I had to work closely with the AI programmer to make sure all the walking NPCs would correctly navigate the areas they were placed in. As a result, the AI walk through the main town correctly and don't take any odd routes.

This is the only game not available on as it was a group effort and not solely made by myself.

Cower Tower

Download Here (

Cower Tower was a solo project built in two different engines (Unity Engine and Godot). The idea was to develop a specific system for a Mystery Dungeon game in two game engines, to give me more experience in an engine I know and another I don't know very well. Out of combat, dungeon room generation and inventory system, I chose to develop combat between the player and enemies, making a class-based system that would decide the abilities, the stats and how much health the player had. For example, a knight would have a lot of health and strength, but low intelligence and melee-focused abilities. I chose to develop this on Unity first, and then Godot.

There was a lot of scripting involved to make the combat system work between player and enemies, including getting the visual elements to work, such as the enemy and player sprites, as well as the abilities and how they work.

Sprite and tile art was also created by me.

Spirit Knight

Download Here (

Spirit Knight is another solo project game about a knight and his soul sprite. The game was made around a cooperative experience, one person controlling the knight and another controlling the sprite, but can also be played solo. The idea of the knight is being the brunt of the party, being able to fight enemies and act as the main player that moves between stages, while the sprite is the helper that opens pathways for the knight by adding and removing spirit blocks. The game uses custom scripts for the player and level movement, and Unity's grid-based tile system for level creation built by me.

Light Trail

Download Here (

Light Trail was a game made by me with the theme of "Light and Dark". This game takes on that form in a very literal sense, where the player has to shoot light from a start point at each level around a puzzle of objects that can't be seen until the light gets near it. The character controller uses the Mathf.Atan2 equation to calculate the angle between the mouse and the lights starting point, allowing the player to fire the light ball anywhere they want. The ball and wall collision also use Unity's physics-based collision system.

Travelling Ball